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Slap Tone has partnered with Wula Drum to create the best djembe bags available. They are designed to fit most djembe sizes as well as Wula drums with their larger Maii bases.

We have two bags designed to meet different needs:

  • Premium Bag
    Best for the professional percussionist and those who carry their djembes on airplanes. The Premium Bag easily handles larger drums and has extra protection to protect against rough handling.
  • Classic Bag
    A simple and light-weight bag to take your drum around town. Carry it over your shoulder or as a backpack. The top flap makes it easy to pack and unpack your drum.  For extra storage, pair the Classic Bag with a Djembe Pocket.

Our Premium Bag has been endorsed by Masters M'bemba Bangoura and Laurent Camera. 


m-bemba-bag.png laurent-camera-bag.png

M'bemba Bangoura
"This is not just a good bag, but the best bag. That's why I use it and recommend it to my friends and students."
Laurent Camera
"I finally found a bag that I can travel with and not worry about my drum."


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