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Slap Tone has developed products to enhance the experience of the djembe player by making their drumming life easier.


Drum with Mute on Top and Bottom

Djembe Mute can be used to reduce your volume. It has a top and a bottom piece and it's versatile:

     . Use both to lower the volume when practicing

     . Use the bottom piece only to dampen bass

     . Use the top alone when accompanying other players to soften your sound


Djembe Pocket Closed on Drum Base

You carry around your djembe plus a lot of extras: drum sticks, personal items. Make use of your drum to store them with the Djembe Pocket! Djembe Pocket is a durable zippered pouch with a drawstring closure. It fits snugly around the drum bottom and extends upward inside your djembe without touching the head.


Both Djembe Mute and Djembe Pocket are designed and produced in the USA. 



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